Our Loan Process

Our 3 Part Value Proposition

What sets us apart?

a. Before the transaction

Before you’re ready to start looking at homes, or begin the underwriting process on a refinance, we’ll work with you extensively to make sure we set the loan up in a way that best fits your short – and long -term goals. We want to make sure you understand your options, and that each element of the loan is tailored to your needs. We’ll do in person or virtual meetings, share with your projections on long term performance, and help you identify all costs, benefits, and potential outcomes. We want you to be completely certain that getting this loan is the best choice for you before we pull the trigger.

b. During the transaction

If you’re buying, we make sure that your offer is more competitive than the standard offers you may go up against when home shopping. We will leverage fully underwritten pre approvals, faster turn times of as low as 10 days to funding, even help with negotiating with the sellers, and giving them confidence that your loan team has certainty about closing smoothly and on time, or early!

c. After the transaction

  • Our value doesn’t stop after you close. Most mortgage lenders believe that it’s their job to sell you debt and that it’s your job to figure out how to be a successful homeowner. We don’t believe in that model. We’re here to work with you year in and year out to hit your goals in real estate and finances.
  • Each client gets a financial success concierge whose only job is to plan with your goals and provide the tools and resources needed to complete those steps in the timeframe you outline. Kind of like a coach for getting rich! If it means we do another loan with you in future, great. If not, that’s okay too! We’re committed to our clients for life, even if we only do one transaction together.
  • We might just be a mortgage company, but we have taken the time to build a strong network of businesses that can serve every facet of your financial journey. Owning a home is a very important first step, and after that there’s so much you can do in leveraging that asset to create long term wealth.

Our Loan Process

  • #1 - Determine the Best Time to Buy:

    Discuss your needs and situation with your mortgage advisor now, even if you're not ready to buy yet, to be prepared when the time comes.

  • #3-BONUS:

    If you'll be making offers within 30 days, ask your mortgage advisor about full approval to reduce contract time, increase certainty, and be more competitive.

  • #5-Close the Deal:

    After 15-30 days under contract, your mortgage advisor will finalize your loan, and you'll be ready to move in.

  • #2-Secure Financing:

    One to two months before you plan to buy, complete your pre-approval with your mortgage advisor to know your budget.

  • #4-Find Your Dream Home:

    Once you find a home, your mortgage advisor will coordinate with your realtor to prepare for closing. We'll handle the heavy lifting!

  • #6-BONUS:

    Ask your mortgage advisor how to maximize your investment and use your home to build wealth or prepare for retirement.

Life Decisions

Home Ownership without the Hassle!

We’re here to make the home ownership process a whole lot easier, with tools and expertise that will help guide you along the way, starting with a FREE home ownership analysis request.
We’ll help you clearly see differences between loan programs, allowing you to choose the right one for you whether this is your first refinance or 7th.

As a Summary:

The Home Ownership Process
Unlock the door to your dream home with our easy home ownership analysis!
1. Start Your Journey: Complete our simple home ownership analysis request.
2. Tailored Options: Get personalized options based on your situation.
3. Compare and Choose: Explore different mortgage rates and terms to find the perfect fit for you. Take the Next Step: Fill out the form above to begin your exciting journey to home ownership. Let's get you into your new home today!

How to simplfy Your Refinance Options

How to navigate our refinance options

You use your property

Effortless refinancing using your property's equity effectively.

The type of mortgage

Choose the best mortgage type for your needs.

With fixed mortgages

Secure fixed-rate mortgages for predictable monthly payments.

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