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We aren’t just another online lender. The people you will work with also live in your community. We take great care to ensure you have all the information you need, strategizing with you to create the perfect solution for your needs. See the difference!

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With decades of experience, an unwavering commitment to excellence, and a track record of thousands of satisfied clients, we've built a reputation you can trust. Whether it's our personalized service, attention to detail, or the quality of our solutions, we're dedicated to earning and maintaining your confidence.

Simple, Fast, Easy

These words represent our top priorities in delivering a service that stands out in the marketplace. We are constantly improving our process to create the best possible experience as you navigate one of the most important transactions of your life.

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Explore ideal financing options for your home or real estate venture! Let us match you with the best loan rates to achieve your goals effortlessly.

Customize for non traditional income

Self employed Loans

Flexible financing options designed for self-employed individuals, offering tailored solutions to meet unique needs.



Discover the ideal refinance for your property We’ll guide you through smashing high rates and securing the best deal.

Active Duty Military and Veterans

VA Home Loans

Exclusive home loans for military personnel and veterans, providing favorable terms and benefits.

Complicated Needs? No Problem!

We work diligently to navigate even the most complex situations. Your home ownership journey begins here.

100 %
Of inquiries result in a customized gameplan to reach your goals
How we offer low rates from the start?

The Best Mortgage Company in Colorado?

Your home and mortgage are just one piece of an even bigger picture. Our goal is to provide you the tools and help to grow your wealth through homeownership.

The Industry Standard

Mortgage lenders originate your home loan, and then it’s up to you to figure out what to do with it.

The good news, we don’t believe in that model.

We’re here to work with you year in and year out, to help you plan and strategize in accordance with your long-term goals.

That’s whether we do another loan for you, or not Let’s work together to achieve your real estate and financial goals

Concierge service

Every client gets a dedicated financial success partner, whose sole focus is to assist you in setting goals, creating a plan, and working towards the steps required to get there.

Customized gameplan

You know where you want to go in life. We believe our job is to provide you with the resources, tools, network, and expertise to get there.

Holistic approach to real estate and finance

Owning a home is an incredible step, and we view it as the first step! Whether you want to pay your mortgage off as fast as possible, start planning for retirement, or build a real estate portfolio, we’ll help you do it.

A trusted network you can plug into

As a company, we only provide mortgage loans. However, through careful vetting and verification, we’ve assembled an incredible team of trusted resources you can leverage in just about any facet of real estate or finance.

The Perfect Mortgage Promise from

The Best Mortgage Company in Colorado

Learning and Planning

Before the transaction ever even starts, we’ll work diligently with you to ensure you understand how the process works, and help you choose the best possible course of action for your needs.

Simple, Fast, Easy

Buying a home can be stressful, but with our Perfect Mortgage Promise, securing your financing won’t be a contributor to that! Relax and know that your mortgage team has you covered.

Your Unfair Competitive Advantage

In a competitive housing market, our service, combined with our partnered agents, increases your chances of offer acceptance by 67.8%, giving you a significant advantage over competing offers.

The next 30+ years

Our value extends beyond closing. We help you leverage your new asset to achieve long-term goals, with a holistic approach to real estate and financial planning that covers every detail.

Here at Free Enterprise Funding, your mortgage goals are our priority.

Our value extends beyond closing. We help you leverage your new assets to achieve long-term goals, with a holistic approach to real estate and financial planning that covers every detail..

We’ve got your back. Let’s navigate your dream home purchase together. Custom tailored solutions for every situation.


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The Purchase Mortgage Process

Pre-Approval: Your First Step Toward Your Dream Home The journey begins with getting pre-approved for a mortgage. This initial phase requires you to submit financial

Finding The Right Mortgage Broker

Finding The Right Mortgage Broker

Unlock Your Dream Home with Colorado Springs’ Top Mortgage Expert When stepping into the homebuying market, especially in a competitive area like Colorado Springs, partnering

Navigating The Mortgage Process

Navigating The Mortgage Process

Navigating the mortgage process can be complex, but understanding its key elements can greatly simplify the journey to home ownership. The mortgage system involves several

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